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How to Earn Money in Home

You would be shocked to know many people are out there seeking avenues of how to earn money in home using the internet these days.

Learning how to work from home with your own home based business is quite a  journey and quite a challenge. This challenge gets even more layered when tons of affiliate programs and services are designed basically to benefit the creator instead of the affiliate. If you are seeking how to make money online, and the “Best Affiliate Program!” out there, then you have some homework to do.

The key to finding the right program out there is to approach your research efforts based on your actual interests or passions. You also want to make sure you walk away from your “money making ideas” research confident that you have found a match with a simple plan and can make real money online using their service or program. If you can’t be passionate about it and make money from your efforts at the same time, you may want to reconsider your ultimate goal. For those of you who are truly serious about earning a monthly residual income and how to make money at home, here are some points to consider:

  • Can you make real money online with the affiliate program you are researching? In order to truly earn money from home with a legit opportunity, you will need do your homework and really determine if the contents of the program excite you. If you are passionate and inspired by the service, you have a greater chance of make some serious money with them. Just keep in mind that any legitimate online business opportunity takes some real effort to see results. This promising you an automated gold mine are usually steering you down a self-driven path.
  • What level of system do they have in place to help assure your success? Almost every opportunity out there claims that they have not only the best service/solution out there, but the best money making vehicle you could find to include methods to use for success. This is the one main area most of them fall short on; they don’t offer a realistic solid system to honestly help you on your new venture. With “The Simple Plan” System that has made its appearance (and separated its self from the flock), there is a tangible step-by-step system and formula to follow showing exactly how to reach your inevitable goal. If there isn’t a real system to follow that isn’t easy to duplicate, you are once again skipping down a weak results path.
  • Is there a real support system available to you? Weekly conference and training calls are all well and good, however, they usually aren’t there for you during the moments you really need them. Make sure the program and its system has a feature allowing you to reach live comrades directly in the moment. With our system, we even have a Skype Group presence for all team members giving every simple plan member an avenue to get help when they need it most. This is an invaluable tool that should be a must on your list of requirements…plus this gives you an opportunity to pay it forward with any new knowledge you gain.
  • Do their marketing strategies and trainings include video tutorial examples? Members/Prospects will differ based on their own learning skills. Some members/prospects will respond via the written word while many others will only “get it” from visual stimulation. Video tutorials are another MUST when it comes to all forms of training and promotion. If both avenues aren’t present, you will want to reconsider by reaching out to the creator prior to moving forward. Visual technology has pretty much become a standard in the industry.
  • Are effective marketing tools being supplied to really help you promote the product/service? Have the invitation (enticement) pages been fully optimized for results and are they unique in representing you (personalized with your name and/or photo)? In order for you to confidently reach out to prospects, you will need a personalized touch giving you an opportunity to really connect. You also want to be sure there is an auto responder series involved in your account tools. Some prospects will need multiple exposures before they really “get it”.  Any advertisement you are casting out there that doesn’t eventually lead your prospect to some form of auto responder is basically earning you a one-shot deal.  We would all much rather have a “Lead for Life”.

If all the above points to consider are present, then you may have a winner on your hands. All that’s left is to weigh the costs (time and money) against the results you sincerely feel you can manifest. All the support in the world can’t guarantee your success as it ultimately has to be driven by you.

Keep these points buried in your thought process and you will be well on your way to earning money in your home. If you wish to learn more about “The Simple Plan” System; a system that provides you with all of the qualities and tools above to include your own simple plan website splash page and auto responder (making this perfect plan simple), simply follow the URL links provided within or simply click “The Simple Plan” Video above.  Happy marketing here’s to your success!!!
Ken Allan Phillips
Founder & Creator of “The Simple Plan” System
SKYPE: kenatra721
FB: http://www.facebook.com/ken.allan.phillips

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The GDI Solution: GDI COOP

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Even with the best of opportunities, there is always a challenge to figure out the best possible avenue of reaching your goal. While generating traffic is incredibly important, the most effective presentation, benefits & recipe to success of the product/service is by far the “Star of the Show”.

Unless you have a real solution, you will continue to duplicate less than effective methods and generate less than desirable results. You must discover the one key ingredient that inspires you to take action. You must not only believe in your product/service, but you must believe in which promotional avenue reflects who you are & what you are all about. However, here’s the shocker:

The promotional avenue you choose may not necessarily be the one provided directly to you via the actual product or service you are promoting. The avenue may come from a completely different source. In other words, just because someone has created a valuable product/service, it doesn’t mean they have the best marketing strategy for promoting even their own product.

How ironic is that?

Below you will find a great example of this scenario. Most readers of this blog will have at least heard of GDI if not already developed a history with this valuable service. Those familiar with GDI will more than likely have some war stories to share. Why you ask? I’ll tell you…

While GDI is certainly legitimate and capable of changing lives, it has been a victim of various actions to include misrepresentations and direct outright false proofs manipulating the masses with a few crafty non-duplicatable gimmicks leaving the survivors to fend for themselves (easy for me to say…that is quite a mouthful…but true….LOL)

In other words, there are lots of people out there just trying to make a fast buck and don’t really care about the secure future they claim to be providing you with. While no one can guarantee your success (like you can), it certainly doesn’t help when the “deck is stacked” on top of everything else. It’s hard enough to make a legitimate business succeed, and even more difficult when it’s not being respected for it’s real benefits.

I recently discovered what I consider to be a valuable promotional tool and complimentary system to GDI called GDI COOP. With this invaluable service, you stand a better chance of success; and ironically, it doesn’t appear to have been created by the makers of GDI. It’s a stand-alone entity that works well with the service and helps to deflect the current stigmas associated with GDI.

If you have a GDI history that needs resurrection, then you will be thrilled to have fallen upon this solution. If you are brand new to GDI, pat yourself on the back for being lucky enough to have saved yourself mountains of challenges. I welcome you to GDI COOP!


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“The Simple Plan” System | How to Target Targeted Traffic

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Have you been successful with your mission to find REAL Targeted Traffic?

Anyone serious about making money online will discover quickly that even once you have found the secret to success with generating tons of targeted traffic to your site, the results may not be as targeted as you think.

So many seekers out there floundering for a solution of how to earn money in home, that they are willing to sign up for anything.

This puts those of us serious online marketers at a disadvantage as our optimum goal is to target other like-minded entrepreneurs who are truly interested in our business/service. This also “throws a wrench” into the few legitimate effective marketing systems out there.

The more desperate the general public gets to work from home, the more random tire-kicking our sites will receive and the more of our valuable time will be mis-focused.

So, what’s the solution? Actually, the most effective method of assuring that your targeted prospects are truly targeted lies in your “call to action” and “follow-up” correspondence.  Let’s break them both down, and be very clear with what this means.

  • CALL TO ACTION – You have a great product and/or service that can be utilized and monetized by a specific group of individuals. While the product can possibly appeal to the general public, the truth is this product will more likely be utilized by a targeted group of individuals. Locating those specific individuals requires a very specific approach. You decide you’re going to promote this product/service using the standard web2.0 strategies out there and create your promotion pages giving all the details you can think of that are selling points specific to this product or service (if you aren’t doing this, then you have already started off on the wrong foot).  Great! Your promotion page is done…..so what?!?  Unless you create a very specific “Call to Action”, you will continue to get more of the same. The “Call to Action” must be specific and definitive as it will give the viewer a clear understanding of what you are expecting from them. It’s incredibly important that you challenge them into action; you have the solution to their needs. A “Call to Action” can be a web form where they must provide their personal information to gain more detailed information, an email link where they must take the initiative to contact you, or a social site link requiring them to join with you. All of these action steps accomplish 2 tasks.
    1. This forces the prospect to take accountability for their sincere interest
    2. This gives you a finite method of correspondence for further pre-quality them.
  • FOLLOW-UP CORRESPONDENCE – Once a prospect has taken the step of accountability, it then becomes your responsibility to assure you have given them all you can to help them in understanding the benefits of your product/service. You also need to be accountable for your follow up actions. This is a two way street and in order to truly target your future BSMs, you will have to prove yourself to them as well in the form of closure. This means you will need to confirm with them that you are who you say you are by either email, instant message, private message, text message, video message or telephone call (contact methods are widely available these days). You will also be responsible for setting the rules of “what happens next”; otherwise, why would they even consider following you or taking advantage of what you are offering. Be clear and confident in not only what you are looking for in them, but what you expect to provide them with as well in the form of support and education. The most effective connection you can have with another individual is to sincerely engage them from a real source of truth. Remember, you are building a stepping stone to a hopeful long-term connection born out of a common targeted goal. Keep the focus on the goal and both of you will win.

You can find a very specific example with my creation I call “The Simple Plan” System. This system was designed and based on the two methods above. Feel free to check it out, then let me know what you think! You will know if this is right for you immediately as I have crafted the splash page to assure I have the right prospect reaching back to me.

OK, so we have covered the meat of how to earn money from home once you have acquired your targeted prospects, but how do you even find them in the first place? This is a very importance piece to the puzzle that will help you to truly find Real Targeted Traffic.

There are tons of marketing methods out there that are effective (many of them are free), however, you must consistently use them to receive the full benefits; and they must uphold to the standards of good marketing skills (meaning they don’t allow just any online marketing fluff/ad to circulate out there). A great example is “Social Bookmarking Sites”. One of my favorites includes Technorati [TEVWUFDJ4UM3], as they require a claim token like you see here  to verify your blog. This means the blog must be well written and contain valuable content, which in turn draws in the right readers that eventually produce REAL Targeted Traffic.

This is just one of the many methods out there, however, each and every method that you approach should be handled in the same manner. You want to assure you providing quality content that is solution driven and very clear in what the product or service offers. If you don’t offer specific details, you are encouraging an array of of traffic that will only dissipate your energy and results. Say what you have to say in clear and concise terms. See how few words you can literally use to promote your product/service in the best possible light. When you can reduce your entire concept to one sentence, then you have successfully isolated your true meaning. Use this as a guide to everything to put out there….less is more only if what you have to say is powerful.

I hope this helps some of you out there struggling to drive quality targeted traffic to your sites. Everything I am sharing is a result of years of trial and error as well as years of great success. I welcome all comments and kudo’s. As a courtesy, I am also included a video example of my system showing the most effective way of promoting via video marketing:

Ken Allan Phillips
Founder and Creator of “The Simple Plan” System
Skype: kenatra721
FB: ken.allan.phillips

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A Simple Plan for “HOW TO EARN MONEY IN HOME” | What we really want!

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So many people are out there seeking avenues of gainful employment via the internet these days that it’s staggering.

The process of how to work from home with your own home based business is quite a journey and quite a challenge. It makes things even more complicated when a majority of the opportunities available are simple ploys to earn the creator of the opportunity wealth instead of the opportunity seeker. If you are an entrepreneur a simple plan for how to earn money in home, and you have begun the process of searching for the “Best Business Opportunity Ever!”, then you have undoubtedly been prey to one of them.

If you watch closely, you will see a trend coming our way; one that is in our financial portfolio favor. There is a revolution coming on the Internet. It’s called “Free Marketing”. So many companies are getting wise, and offering solutions to our daily challenge of finding a legit business opportunity that will allow us to actually earn money from home while driving tons of traffic to our websites for free. That’s what we really want!!!

Gone are the days of having to pay for your business opportunity affiliate link just to promote their product when you can easily join a “Social Networking Siteand create your own streams of income by simply being yourself and reaching out to others of like-mind. No selling required. Isn’t that nice? Social Networking has become a huge movement because most of the networks are offering you avenues to generate leads and get paid a percentage of their advertising profits just for inviting others into their network. Some of there referral bonus plans could even result in generating multiple streams of monthly residual income; a total win-win situation.

In addition to the Social Networking Movement, the ultimate avenue of advertising for free has surfaced in the concept of “Safelists“. Safelists provide a multitude of services and many of them are free to join. This is an absolute guaranteed way of generating pre-qualified targeted traffic to your site for free. In addition you are protected from being accused of spamming as each safelist requires a double opt-in process assuring the email you send through their network is being sent only to those who have agreed to view your offer or service. This is free leads and free advertising at its best.

For those of us who enjoy the process of driving traffic to your site while being open to discovering additional streams of income, there are the ever popular “Traffic Exchange” programs. These services offer you free avenues of generating traffic to your site by earning site view credits in exchange for viewing other members’ site view links. Many people are skeptical about this style of marketing; however, I can tell you that at least 50% of all of my profits from my opportunities have come from Traffic Exchange Views. Plus I get to keep up on new services and opportunities that are surfacing.

And finally, there is the most intelligent and lucrative of marketing strategies out there that bundles the entire process together for you and offers an ultimate service. This is the process of joining one of the many surfacing “Affiliate Marketing Systems”. When you join these systems, you are marketing your affiliate link from your Back-Office portal. Each time someone joins the marketing system through your affiliate link, they are given there own back office portal paying a monthly residual income through your referrals to the service. This is leveraging at its best.

The current service I have founded called “The Simple Plan” System is special to me. I am proud to be a part of this money making opportunity as I fully challenged myself to create and make this perfect plan simple. I have generated more money and had more success with this one system than all of the others put together; and I am spending the least I have ever spent to run my business because the marketing side of it is free. Never again will I put out a chunk of my own money for the opportunity to make a business guru rich. It’s one of the most simple plans you could imagine since everyone gets their own simple plan website, and auto responder support. Simple Plan Members even get an over-view video to pre-close their prospects for them. All of this is completely created for the member leaving them more time to market using the free marketing tools we provide.

With all of these online opportunities offering free services out there, you no longer have to pay for the privilege of how and when to make money online. You simply have to put some time and effort out using their proven tips and strategies to reach a global market and make your mark! I take great pride in everything I have learned from being an online Network Marketer, and I am happy to offer free advice and share my business tips and strategies with anyone who serious about learning how to earn money at home. Feel free to reach out to me as I welcome all feedback.

Ken Allan Phillips - "The Simple Plan" System

Ken Allan Phillips
Founder and Creator of

“The Simple Plan” System
Skype:kenatra721 need Skype?

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Making Money Online is about “PERSONALIZATION”

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This Information is dedicated to those out there still swimming through the network marketing abyss. Through this journey, we will explore our way to the “key word” that makes all the difference in your success…. Personalization. Join me on this Journey!!!
How many times have you shared the following experience?

You come across the “Very Best” affiliate marketing system out there showing you how to earn money in home and just can’t pass it up. You jump on board with the excitement of a 7 year old heading through the gates of “Disney Land”. You land running as you set up all your details and jump all the hoops so you can begin to promote the ever-so-famous affiliate link….and then it hits…exactly what is the key ingredient that is going to get others to feel the way I do about this. You have the perfect plan that seems so simple.

So begins your journey of trial and error only to find that usually the company who created the program filled with money making ideas(blessing you with the ability to work from home), has provided you with fluff; basic marketing tools and strategies reflective of the last and just about every other opportunity you have taken on…

So, you resign to plug away and do the same old thing you have been doing…you follow their tutorials and you sign up for the hottest social networking site and begin reaching as wide as you can to as many people as you can with the hopes that someone of like-mind will trip over your tiny little presence and be desperate enough to take a chance on a total stranger (you) for their future as a network marketer….sound familiar?

And the story goes on and on and on….

During your daily journey, you happen upon someone who just pops up from the social sites instant message chat service and you strike up a conversation because your new prospect discovers that you both have a passion for “network marketing” and earning money online. You both pitch each other on your one-of-a-kind services and both join each others services out of respect for the field. You both want to work from home and make money online, so this seems to be the only answer. Even though you both know you probably won’t really work the new service you joined or make money at home.

Many of you out there will snicker as you walk down memory lane with me on this scenario. That is door #1; now let’s take an alternate trip through door #2 which is new territory for many….

A few hours later, you jump on Skype & come across another prospect’s profile that stands out to you which drives you to click on their link. You don’t really know why, you just know you are intrigued. Your prospects site makes you feel at home and like you are already a friend to them. You take the “leap of faith” to make contact knowing they probably won’t reply to your “Skype Chat” since they don’t have a clue who you are…to your shock, they reply immediately with an upbeat and confident tone. You immediately jump into your speech about your product and how wonderful it really is. Your prospect listens intently and with equal enthusiasm replies with “That sounds really cool, thanks for educating me on it….so, who is your favorite “Scooby-Doo” character?

So begins your first lesson on personalization.

You laugh out loud [LOL] and you begin to relax and open up and share more with this complete stranger than you have with some of your actual family members. By the end of your conversation, you are pretty much ready to follow your Skype prospect anywhere, so you join their opportunity and don’t even bother to mention yours again….

“Wait a minute, what just happened?” you ask yourself, as you are finishing your sign-up through their link without even really knowing why…”I really enjoyed their connection and I am confident that they will be able to steer me in the right direction” you say to yourself and finish copying your new affiliate link.

You immediately post your link on Twitter and Face book right into your wall and jump in feet first with the 3 bits of affiliate program knowledge you acquired from your Skype prospect ( who is now suddenly your up line), and begin the pounce on anyone who replies to your IM or DM or comment, etc. You repeat this process for 30 more minutes only to settle with “no one is really interested in this affiliate product either”….

You are about to give up, when your Skype prospect / Upline Sponsor pops in with another Skype message inviting you into a 3-way chat. You join the chat as your sponsor tells you about their brand new contact named Bill who is on the chat. Your sponsor gives Bill the floor as he launches into his opportunity and how powerful and wonderful it is. Your sponsor takes a beat and hands you the ball saying “what are your thoughts on what Bill just shared?”….you think long and hard about it. Suddenly a light bulb goes off and you reply with “Wow Bill that sounds like a very valuable service, however, let me ask you something….”who is your favorite Scooby-Doo Character?”

It is in that moment that your online marketing life changes forever. You suddenly realize that you have found the missing ingredient….personalization.

As you progress through this new found reality, you begin to have a sense of comfort in how natural it feels to re-visit the basics of life: to truly and simply just take an interest in the other human being on the other side of the computer. You take to heart this new understanding and you conduct your future business with a refreshing perspective that finally brings you results…a solid down line born from human understanding and truth. In the end, that’s really what we are all looking for out of business; a lasting sincere and profitable connection where helping others results in helping yourself.


This scenario is dedicated to those of you who resonate with this common occurrence. Both doorways are equally valuable as we learn not only from mistakes but from inspirational moments that help to shape who we are.

Throughout this journey my mission is to continually remind you of the importance of personalization. I will forever point out the need for this consistently missing ingredient.

The key to having a successful online business where you can earn money from home, and even earn a monthly residual income lies in the level of personalization you bring to the table. The future of online marketing depends on the majestic qualities we naturally possess; honor, integrity, truth, passion and compassion. Bring your “self” to any business contact and watch the connection not only strengthen, but magically form a bond that can’t be broken.

In my newly created system, “The Simple Plan“, I coin the phrase (and stress the importance of locating your handful) of “Business Soul Mates” [BSM’s]. I do this because I realize that there is no stronger connection out there than one born of genuine common understanding. Discover a team of individuals who know you sincerely care about their future, prove it through your actions and efforts on their behalf, and you will have earned yourself a successful path to your deserved fortunes. Money is merely a welcomed by-product….

My goal is to challenge each and every person I touch! I promise you, if you are pursing your online marketing venture with anything less, you are paving yourself a path for a mediocre future…hence, the term “continue with what you are doing and you will get more of the same”. However, that goes both ways….there is great comfort in knowing that if you choose to lead the way by positive example, you will only get more success! Join me on this journey as we explore the world of Personalization…..

I welcome your thoughts and comments and I am happy to connect with those who are sincere about making a difference in the success of online marketing and affiliate ownership!

For anyone interested in joining me on this journey and earning a serious income, please reach out to me as my door is always open…

Ken Allan Phillips
Founder and Creator of
“The Simple Plan” System
Skype:kenatra721 / need Skype?

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